BST values organizations whose mission is to improve the lives and well-being of our community members. We create solutions that help you maximize your resources and allow you to focus on what you do best, care for those most in need.


People are the heartbeat of every organization.

The people who devote their time, expertise and passion toward keeping the programs and services running are the real heroes of the organization. BST provides human resources consulting to help manage the most valuable resources of the organization: employees and volunteers. We:

  • Assess opportunities for greater efficiencies
  • Recommend alternate and improved processes
  • Implement automated systems that organize and allow access to employee information
  • Manage data and develop reports that represent key outcomes


The program work never stops and the systems that support them shouldn’t either.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to help manage their operations in a way which enables them to do more with less resources. We create reasonable implementation plans to keep operations moving forward. We believe in first implementing key items that will make the biggest difference, rather than try to implement everything at once.


We help you report measurable progress and return on investments.

We take great care to understand our clients’ intended outcomes for their data. We identify what data needs to be captured, what it represents, and how to properly source and load the data into a system that will report measurable outcomes. We design, test and provide data analysis processes and reports for grant requirements and accountability to stakeholders, donors and board members.