Business Management Consulting Services

Project Management

We manage your projects from the perspective of someone who understands your business and industry. We are able to detect inefficiencies and suggest approaches to keep your projects on time and within budget. Our goal is to enhance your outcomes in a smart, reliable way.

We offer:

  • Expertise in Human Resources, Education, Healthcare and Human Services processes
  • Expertise in a variety of industry standard PM methodologies; BST will work with you to determine the PM methodology that is best-suited to your project and organization
  • Project Management Office (PMO) project governance
  • Enterprise portfolio management
  • Industry standard PM automation and tools


HR, Education and Healthcare Analytics  

You have lots of data. Now what?

We help you determine what questions you are asking and what problems you want to solve before diving into any technical solution.

We assist clients with verifying and using their data to identify trends and report key metrics that inform and support key business decisions. The following are services we offer:

  • Develop industry specific metrics and technical specifications
  • Assess existing data elements and identify gaps in required data
  • Develop data dictionaries
  • Align analytics strategies with organization’s strategic vision and expectations 
  • Design and create data dashboards and reports
  • Provide data management services
  • Provide data literacy and metric use training 

Business Analysis Services

How can you leverage your data to improve business?

Once your business analytics are defined, properly organized, structured, and in production, BST can provide business analysis services to help you understand what your data is telling you and how to use the data to identify and make improvements to your processes, products, services and software.

BST’s HR, education, healthcare and human services subject matter experts have years of industry insight and experience. We can readily identify key indicator, opportunity, and success areas. We know what to look for and how to arrive at the best outcomes—and consider:

  • Industry Best Practices
  • Industry Requirements
  • Budgets, Resources and Timelines
  • Organization Goals.

BST uses the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) methodology based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK), which contains standard ‘best practices’ for business analysis.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) 

Caring for and ushering your people through a change.  

One of our core values is people. We understand the importance of putting people first when it comes to a system change or implementation. In other words, everyone needs to be respected and on the same page. 

Too often, we focus solely on managing the tactical operations of a new project when in fact, managing the “People” side of any project is critically important to help stakeholders to:

  • understand what is changing and how they will be impacted, and
  • shift toward embracing and using the change as it is intended to be used. 
Change needs assessment

to identify and provide recommendations for:

  • Organization’s change vision (future state)
  • Current environment and processes
  • Possible resistance areas & issues
  • Change leaders & influencers
Development of OCM plan

to identify and provide recommendations for:

  • Project Executive Sponsors
  • Key stakeholders and change leaders/change team
  • Specify the change focus areas
  • Possible areas of resistance and mitigation plans
  • Change initiative goals/objectives/metrics
  • Project Timeline
Development of a Change Communications Plan

to identify and provide recommendations for:

  • Key Messages & Target Audiences
  • Key Messengers
  • Drafting of communications: what is changing, what to expect, etc.
  • Communications Timeline: Messaging: who, what and when message
Guidance/Coordination with client Change leaders and teams
  • Support for client change leaders and teams with the delivery of change and communications plans, and adjusting their plans based on project outcomes
Executive Coaching of Sponsors and Change leads
  • Professional development of change leaders to help their employees accept, embrace and use new systems and processes



Business Process Design

Are there opportunities for greater efficiency & effectiveness?

Successfully implementing a new system, or improving an existing one, depends on a solid understanding of an organization’s current work and workflows and what best practices are available to better support your processes and teams.

We take the time to study and understand your daily operations. This helps us perceive opportunities for greater efficiency. The solutions we propose can result in streamlined operations and budgets and more highly satisfied customers.

Our services include:

  • Strategic Planning for specific operational areas
  • Data driven approach to determine areas of focus
  • Operational and technology systems assessment & recommendations
  • Process mapping the current state (As-is)
  • Designing a more efficient future state (To Be)
  • Transitioning from the “As-is” to the “To Be” in a controlled, efficient and minimally disruptive manner
  • Working with various stakeholders to understand key details and ensure success
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Risk Management assessment & recommendations

Knowledge Transfer

We can help make it easier for your teams and people to embrace and use your new system.

BST’s goal is to support and partner with our clients throughout a project’s life and beyond. It’s not enough to build an effective system. We make sure our client’s teams know how to use and maintain it over the long term.


For your IT Team:

We make sure your IT teams have the knowledge and tools to continue supporting your systems long after project completion. Our transition services include:

  • System and Process Documentation
    • To address customized modules and processes
    • To assist client with taking on production support after project is done
  • Testing
    • Test scripts
    • Testing Assistance
  • Loan staff to fill vacancies on an interim basis


For your end users:

We also make sure those who need to use and embrace the system have the information and training they need.

  • Training Plan, to identify:
    • Training content and curriculum
    • Key Audiences
    • Timeline
    • Identification of Training Tools
    • Success Metrics
  • Development of Training Tools
    • Instructional Design: Development of Training curriculum
    • Various Training Media
    • In Person Training: 1-1; Group; Train the trainer
    • Online modules
    • Job Aides
    • Training coordination, coaching and advisory assistance