Who we are – Business Solutions Hawaii Trusts

Solid expertise. 

As an elite, Hawaii-based firm we differentiate ourselves with consultants who have extensive experience in specialized areas and execute very well. Our consultants have a diverse range of experiences from larger consultancies and in-house business operations at the local and national levels, and have industry-specific acuity to understand the day-to-day nuances and pain points of our clients’ work.

Hawaii is our home.

BST is born and raised in Hawaii — currently celebrating our 25th Anniversary! Our team members are committed to Hawaii because our success directly impacts our families, friends and the communities in which we live. Our understanding of Hawaii’s island and business culture allows us to foster effective communication and collaboration among client stakeholders at all levels, identify the necessary project requirements and organizational change management issues, and ultimately deliver a successful project.

Trusted and responsive service to our clients.

We have cultivated years-long relationships and have partnered with our clients through many system implementations, upgrades and evolving client teams. We are nimble, quickly adapt to our clients needs, and provide timely & responsive, locally-based services.

Peace of mind. 

We often tackle larger complex system implementations and integrations, and support the organizations with project management, analytics, organizational change management and knowledge transfer. Even and especially in high-pressured circumstances, we bring a calm, logical, focused perspective and work with our clients and get them to solid footing amidst a changing environment. 

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