BST has experience and expertise within State government systems, processes and stakeholder environments. 

We provide immediate and longer term benefits to departmental teams.

  • BST is able to strategically view the State as a holistic organization and understand how each department’s role can support the State’s overall strategy, goals and objectives.
  • We provide a technical and functional understanding of how the State can achieve its intended outcomes through departmental stakeholders and automated systems.
  • We leverage our experience and success with automated systems integrated across State departments.
  • BST is able to successfully facilitate collaboration among and within state departments.
  • Our team has proven skillsets to build trusted relationships within a State Department environment. And, we possess a deep understanding of Hawaii-specific business and local community culture.
  • We have worked successfully with all levels of leadership, key stakeholders and end users to help them adopt and use new processes and systems.
  • We understand and work within State budget constraints by proposing projects that can be accomplished within annual budget cycles.