Because good teachers can make a world of difference.

BST supports schools by automating administrative processes such as identifying highly qualified teachers, keeping track of teaching credentials and certifications, and providing recruiting and human resources services for school faculty and staff.


We prioritize student success. 

Our work with student information systems and education analytics allows school administrators to make timely, actionable decisions with the goal of student success in mind. 


Data analysis that values all student experiences.

We take great care to understand our clients’ intended outcomes for their data. We identify what the data represents, which data needs to be imported into the SIS, where it is being sourced from, and how to get it properly loaded. We design, test, and provide data analysis processes to arrive at the answers that help our clients make the best decisions for their students.   


Seeing your school’s big picture — in real time.  

We also help with optimizing school operations by consolidating data that reside in various new and legacy data systems so administrators can see the whole school in one view. The ability to consolidate data and adjust and respond in real time has proven especially valuable for clients in recent times.