September 29, 2021

BST Enhances HIDOE Human Resources System to Report Vaccination Status

In August, BST designed and implemented enhancements to the Hawaii Department of Education’s (HIDOE) human resources system to enable HIDOE employees to self-report their vaccination status and if applicable, their COVID test results.

HIDOE employees are able to submit their vaccination status or test results by logging into the HIDOE secured network where employee will answer a series of questions and upload related documents. In addition, HIDOE’s leadership and COVID Response Team have access to reports to monitor information and respond as needed. BST designed the application with an automated workflow and associated email notification system to ensure the appropriate information was shared with the right people.

This initiative was developed in direct response to Governor David Ige’s Aug. 5, 2021 Executive Order that requires all State of Hawaii employees to be vaccinated or submit weekly COVID test results. BST was able to go live with the enhancements in 10 days to meet the state’s Aug. 16, 2021 deadline.

Since 2004 BST has served as HIDOE’s primary partner for maintaining employee data and systems. Earlier in the pandemic, BST built an application for HIDOE to track and report telework requests as the remote learning model was implemented across the state and employees were under a “Safer at Home” emergency order.

To date, BST has tailored the human resources systems of three client organizations to meet the specific needs of the executive order, which enables these companies to successfully collect and manage the vaccination and or testing status of their employees.

For more information about BST’s services, please contact Kevin Costa, Director, Education Solutions at or 808-389-0996.