BST is a HIPAA Compliant Business Associate. We provide a variety of Health IT solutions that address technical, analytical, strategic, managerial and daily operational issues.
The following is an overview of the Healthcare technology services that BST offers:
BST designs, develops, implements and provides ongoing support for data warehouses, data marts, customized reports, real-time alerts and care gap notifications. We also provide healthcare analytics, decision support and dashboards, and business analysts to identify required metrics and reporting, and develop strategic plans. BST designs and develops complex reporting systems to support industry standards such as HEDIS and Meaningful Use, as well as custom quality measures and performance metrics.
BST assists with defining privacy and security policies and procedures, risk assessment and analysis, business continuity and disaster recovery planning to help you meet federal and state regulations.
BST provides the full range of application and program development support. We begin by analyzing workflows, procedures and requirements to design effective, efficient technical solutions that meet and exceed business needs. BST can assist with systems selection, and provide implementation, configuration management and ongoing production support. We also provide services for the build-out of state-of-the-art technology facilities.
BST can assist you with selecting and implementing the most appropriate and cost-effective HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Time and Attendance systems and solutions. This process begins with understanding and identifying your HR needs and the evaluation of business processes, change management services, and training in support of successful HR system implementations. BST is known for our work with PeopleSoft, ADP and other large‐scale human resources management systems.
BST provides targeted project management services for providers, payers, and healthcare industry business associates. Our team members are project management professionals (PMP) with healthcare experience in clinical and operational departments for the state’s largest healthcare providers.
BST can assist with strategic and operational planning, organizational change support services, knowledge transfer, and supplemental staffing while you build your team. We can also assist with selecting and implementing the most appropriate and cost-effective HR systems and solutions, and provide necessary support to address acquisitions and mergers.

Healthcare Technology and Process Support

BST starts with understanding and identifying your healthcare needs, then assisting you with selecting and implementing the most appropriate and cost-effective healthcare systems and solutions. This process also includes evaluation of your technology infrastructure, business process redesign, change management services, and training in support of a successful system implementation.

BST’s core technology competencies are comprised of enterprise systems architecture, strategic program management, and systems engineering and integration to support your daily operations, strategic initiatives and long range goals.

Enterprise Systems Architecture
BST has systems architecture experience to meet your HR business needs and those specific to Hawaii-based businesses. Our solutions range from development of custom, end-to-end Oracle/Microsoft database and middleware enterprise architectures, to leveraging the framework of existing engineered systems like PeopleSoft, ADP and Oracle ADF.     LEARN MORE >
Strategic Program Management
BST has the capability to bridge the gap between technical and functional project requirements with a cohesive business process re-engineering (BPR) strategy and project management office (PMO) governance to ensure the success of your healthcare projects.     LEARN MORE >
Systems Engineering and Integration
BST implements modern web-based healthcare systems utilizing Oracle/Microsoft service-oriented architectures (SOA) and rich user interface technologies. We use industry best practices in systems development lifecycle (SDLC) and have a proven track record of modernizing legacy systems, converting and migrating data, and integrating back-office systems.     LEARN MORE >